Hey, I’m Nathanael

How many times have you found a blog or a social media profile that just seemed a little fake?

You know what I mean — you can see they’ve got great content but can also tell that the number of likes is more important than genuine connection.

Don’t get me wrong, some people may live those exquisite lives (and if you can get there, then good for you). Sometimes, though, it’s nice to see something straightforward from someone a little more down-to-earth.

What’s Special About this Blog?

This is Real Life was started out of a desire to tell authentic stories during my time abroad in England. It’s more than a way to show family and friends the cool places I’ve been or an attempt to give people unwanted and pointless advice about studying abroad.

It’s an honest look into my life — how I’m responding to my experiences, how I’m making friendships, how I’m growing and changing and becoming a more developed human being.

What’s Special About Me?

Not much, really. I’m just a fan of asking similar questions in my headings (I told you I’m being honest).

Aside from killer grammar skills and a keen eye for aesthetics, I’m a regular old communications major at the University of South Carolina. However, I have no idea what I want to do with my life yet. My struggles deciding on a minor highlight that, as I’ve switched between Spanish, Political Science, Psychology, and Business Administration.

With all of the introspection I’ve had to do in college, I’ve found that two activities make me the happiest:

  • meeting new people in new places
  • creating things (stories, music, art, whatever really)

This blog is my effort to combine those two passions into something that can inspire and inform others, while still showcasing my writing style and personality.

So here it is. It isn’t high-tech and glamorous, but I’m proud of it (and I hope you actually enjoy it).

What to do now?

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I aim to put out new posts once a week, so I promise you won’t be bombarded with emails and advertisements.

Feel free to comment on a post or reach out directly — I’d love to hear from you!