Welcome to Real Life

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a different country for five months? Honestly, how do people who study abroad do it?

Don’t they get homesick, or take the wrong bus a lot, or even run out of money?

I’m hoping to answer those questions as much as you are.

My name is Nathanael Lemmens, and from January to June I’ll be living and studying at the University of Leeds in Northern England. This blog is my way of sharing the answers to the nitty-gritty questions about study abroad.

If you like learning about the world (and all the ways to see it), then this blog is for you. Don’t be fooled, I won’t be posting only happy-go-lucky stories of sightseeing and eating ice cream — this is the REAL DEAL.

Get ready for some up-front and to-the-point posts about living abroad as student. Get ready to see Real Life as I know it.

Head on over to the “Blog” tab or use the sidebar to start reading about my adventures!